Monday, April 30, 2007

Lessons in Journaling

I am not the one to tell you how to and what, but since most of you are in the same position I am in... Here's a brief history on Journaling!

Before languages there were already people (...) drawing up their history in caves to preserve memories for generations to come...

Centuries later came along a group of people known as Egyptians... They thought up pictures to describe situations, events, persons etc. They also are the source of our misery: THEY ARE THE ONES THAT THOUGHT UP PAPYRUS...

Then came YOU!!! and nothing was safe or sacred anymore. You needed to have all those thingies, a scraproom and my sportsmagazine too... just to "pimp" your pages!!!

Maybe this will be our future: Everyone can own a robot to do all the scrapping for you... Mabye Mr. Grendel was right after all!!! But where would be the fun of it for the ladies???



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weird? Me? Top 10

OK, like I told yesterday I got tagged... And since no-one (thanks 4 nothin') cared to explain the importance or value of this "thing", I had to surf for quite some blogs to find out the hard way...

There were things mentioned by people I did not want to know!!!

So I eventually came up with 10 things about me, hardly anyone knows... I do not know if these things make me weird... Without further a due:

01. I like computers! I like them so much... I have 4 desktops and several laptops... I always hide behind the fact that I am working in IT, so I need these machines to keep up with the industry...

02. I love liquorice (drop)... Right now the water is already running in my mouth only thinking about it!!! The saltier the better...

03. I always go outside (at work) "to smoke"... I quit smoking several years ago (COLD-TURKEY), but I join my co-workers for a breath of fresh air (with planes landing & taking off within meters of the front door)

04. I HATE doing chores! I always try to find an excuse not to do chores, 'cause I know that when 1 chore is done the next is already waiting... Or is this a guy's thing???

05. I am very very very lazy! I rather sit on my ... couch than go to the gym!

06. I am cheap! I only buy new cloths or shoes when the ones I own are completly worn...

07.I read books! I do not only read dozens of blogs, I also read genuine books (the ones made of paper)... I need to read before going to sleep just to wind down... And I never throw them away - They're all stuffed in the attic!!!

08. I like music... ALL MUSIC... And I need to have it... ALL... So I got loads of cd's (well over 1,000) & dvd's with mp 3's...

09. I am all talk, what she says goes...

10. Last but not least: My real name ain't Bubbah! (let's just leave it with that!)

And to show you what is really weird, I'm gonna leave you with this funny video!


Monday, April 23, 2007

DT Lunch

First things first: I got Tagged... Can anyone explain me how tag works??? I always thought that tags are those things that coroners hang on your big toe to identify your body... BUT WHO AM I??? I need to tell you 10 weird things about me... I have to elelaborate on my answers...

You want the thruth??? You Can't Handle The Truth!!! (Imaging Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men)... I will tell you my soul searching findings tomorrow!

Back on the subject: How come that she enjoys those lunches and I have to suffer...

Early in the morning Michael was probably thinking to himself that I was (nearly) finished with Mom's room and had some time to spare, so he pulled the roller-blind all the way up while balancing on the window-sill... And what does happen to kids when they're balancing??? YES THEY FALL, but they also hang on to whatever they're holding... So he pulled down the entire roller-blind...

Second of all we (me and the boys) had to leave the house (really early - like 9 AM) to make room for loads of women and women-talk... But hey! I had a surprise planned for the boys: we went to the Zoo (Blijgaarde Rotterdam). In front of that zoo is a huge pound with lots of fish, so we brought lots of old bread to feed them, even had enough to spread the joy among some other kids (that where there with BOTH parents)... The Zoo was so busy (traffic jam in the shark-tank) that we left after 3 hours! We then went to my parents-in-law to drop off Colin. He spends almost every sunday/monday with them (either here or there). Spend some time sitting in the backyard, have terrible coffee...

We went home, to see how thing were over there... (sounds dramatic?) Still crowded, so Michael wanted to play soccer, along came the neighbour kid and we spend about 2 hours on footy... The neighbour kid can shoot really hard, which I found out the hard way!!! I tried to block one of his shots with my foot... and BRUISED MY TOE!!! It was all swollen and black and blue and hurts like ****...

I have a "sick-leave" day to rest my toe (which is already doing better - thank you) 'cause I couldn't cycle to work! YES CYCLE!!! I am in the fortunate position that I only work a couple of KM away, so I can ride the bike to work, which is generally faster than the car during rush hour!!!

Anywayz! I still have to find a way to way to hang the roller-blind back up as Colin is coming home in the afternoon and is going to sleep in his own bed (Michael slept there last night)...



Friday, April 20, 2007

Scrapbook is not for Men!

Is there anybody outthere (besides the INDUSTRY) that REALLY wants men to scrapbook? Sit in on crops, weekends etc. with nothing but women-talk and girlie-stuff? Does any woman want her friend/husband to get in touch with his feminine side and cry over this or that picture with a "story to die for"...
Can you imaging what kind of layouts would be produced???

  • My first Tattoo
  • Happily ever after (about a divorce)
  • Harley Davidson (or dream to own one)
  • Paintballin' with the guys
  • Swapping stories on our scares
  • Pimp my Car-LO...


Did you see the article in the Wall Street Journal??? READ IT !!!

I think my wife is quite happy that I do not book-scrap... (isn't that more correct??? As you are supposed to use scrap to create a book...) She sure doesn't (willingly) wanna split "her" stuff...
On the other hand she can leave her stuff (or should I then say: OUR STUFF) laying around without me commenting on it...

I'mma leave you with this here (comedy) report on men and scrapbooking...

Have a nice weekend (without DT-lunch)!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Does any of you ladies know the meaning of the word SCRAP?

Well, according to Wikipedia...

Scrap is a term used to describe waste metal. Old, unwanted metal such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials, are taken to a wrecking yard (known colloquially as scrapyards), where they are processed for later melting into new products.

Which also goes to say for the stuff YOU are supposed to be using... RECYCLE the leftovers and use yesterdays newspaper (not just for Fish'n'Chips or the Kittylitter), in stead of all new! Don't you have enough??? Take an example of Daphne's latest work... she even uses the PHONEBOOK!!!

Now can any of you ladies explain to me why you all have the urge (and act on that urge) to constantly buy NEW scrapbookarticles, while the meaning is to re-use all your old junk! AND YES, OF COURSE MY WIFE DIFFERS FROM MY OPINION!!! SHE SELLS YOU THAT STUFF!!!


And maybe when you cleared out your boxes, maybe, yes maybe then you can buy some more...


Monday, April 16, 2007

B'day Update

OK, cuz the weather was so great we decided to have lunch in stead of dinner, so we went to the centre of town with the kids... We had Club Sandwich's and the kids had tosti's.
After that we went looking for some new pants... How is it possible that a new pair of pants is about the same price as a new car??? €109,95 !!!! Are the buttons of gold??? NO!!! The zipper??? NO!!! And it was the price for 1 (ONE) pair of pants...
Oh yeah, the paviours came to take a look at what needed to be done in the backyard... And we made an appointment to go shopping for stones the next morning!

So Saturdaymorning we were off to look for those stones...
And found the exhaustpipe of the car to be broken... yet another €300 something... (Thanks Jan for helping out!) After that we just went home to do some cleaning and Birthday shopping... I even got to do some final electrician stuff (all the lighting in the hallway & outdoor is done)!!!

Sundaymorning had a nice family breakfast (made fresh croissants with the boys) and presents!!! She and the boys gave me DVD's of the Muppets, a rock-magazine with a DVD, kid 1 made drawings at grandma's and kid 2 made a great LO with drawing and pasting! So around midday the guests to my party came and that's when we discovered Bad Luck #2: the Giant Parasol (made of wood) turned out to be broken so we need to get a new one... And now all we had to do was wait for number 3...
The rest of the afternoon went fine, and after dinner she got to take kid 2 for a shower and bed...

AND YES!!! HE PULLED AWAY IN THE DOORWAY, BANGED HIS HEAD AND HIS SKIN SPLIT OPEN!!! (#3) So we had to rush to hospital to get it stiched or whatever... As it turned out it was no big wound, the doc tied a couple of hair together over the wound and that was what we had to wait for for over an hour!!!

Oh Yeah! I got an Award from Nat! It was a nice weekend... How was yours???


Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday....

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me!!!

How about that? I TURNED 21! (Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!)

Like anywhere else the house gets decorated with balloons and such, and this year the boys get to help!!! We also have a Birthday dinner ritual: the Birthday boy/girl gets to pick the dinner location!

While the boys always pick BurgerKing or MacDonald's, she and I generally pick some bistro in the neighbourhood where the kids can enjoy their fries aswell... BUT...

With all this building and stuff of the scraproom, the money has run out rapidly, so it will probably be just peanutbutter sandwiches at home this year...

She invited some friends and family over for cake and coffee on Sunday... Hope you'll enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, April 12, 2007


Look at the title of this here book "If my husband can scrapbook... So can you!" As if women are superiour to men... Women still think that they are the only gender on earth that can "Scrap"...

This is a genuine book! CLICK HERE!But where would they be when they organize a workshop where they have to display all articles they have in store??? Who will drag all that stuff over to the community centre??? And back again??? And who would be feeding all those hungry women??? WELL???


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Space, my space (watch those caps)!!!

So now that I am almost done with her space, I start making plans for MY OWN SPACE...

As already mentioned, I get the use of half the attic (the sunny side... oh no the cool side... or maybe...) as soon as she makes up her mind! The same goes for the doorway (THE ONE I ALREADY CLOSED THIGHT WITH BRICKS!!!) that needed to be closed to create one big attic... That now has to be split in the front- and back room!!!

I am a collector of (vinyl) records, so I cannot reside on the sunny side... OTHERWISE MY RECORDS WILL MELT!!! On the other hand, If I stay on the cool side of the attic, I am straight over the room of one of the kids... So I need to keep the volume down!

Just be glad that I'm not putting a POOL-TABLE upstairs!!!


Thursday, April 5, 2007

How to keep a scrapbooking woman happy?

Is it difficult?
Nah, you only have to be:
1. a friend
2. a pal
3. a lover
4. a big brother
5. a father
6. a teacher
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a technician
12. an interior decorator
13. a designer
14. an exterminator
15. a psychologist
16. a shrink
17. a healer
18. a willing ear
19. an organizor
20. a good husband
21. clean
22. Sympathetic
23. Atletic
24. Warm
25. Polite
26. courteous
27. Intelligent
28. funny
29. Creative
30. Tender
31. Strong
32. Understanding
33. Tolerant
34. Patient
35. Ambitious
36. Capable
37. courageous
38. determined
39. Loyal
40. dependent
41. Passionate

44. Give her compliments (often)
45. love shopping
46. be honest
47. be filthy rich
48. Never make her nervous
49. NEVER look at other women

And of course:
50. Give her loads of attention, but do not expect too much yourself
51. Give her lots of time, just for her
52. Give her space, do not wonder where she is going

But above all it is VERY important that you:
53. Never forget her birthday
54. Never forget your wedding anniversary
55. Never forget an appointment she made

How do you keep the husbands satified?

1. Leave hem be

2. Give him food
3. Let him handle the remote



Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Scraproom part 999 1/3

YES !!! It is finally come to this!!!

Now I only have to do is the hallway... and the attic... and the garage... and (probably) the rooms of the boys...

Now it's time for her to do what she wants to do... In stead of heavy tools she only needs to paint the room and then I can do the floor (spoke too soon... wasn't really done yet... AM I EVER?) and place the desk... After which she can start moving her stuff in there!!!


Well all the spare space is now used for storing Scrapbook articles. You cannot even start to image the space we will have after the move!!! Am I getting too carried away? Just leave me daydreaming!!!

At least I got something to look forward to.