Friday, September 28, 2007

Bare Elements

When you are brand number X and you want a piece of the (scrap) pie, you need to come up with something that catches the eye of the potential public.

So you ask yourself: how do I sell paper TO WOMEN... Yeah that's right: PAPER! OK, you call it design-paper, but hey... to me it's all paper! I can hear you thinking... What is he rambling on about?

I'm here to take a stand to those (calling themselves entrepeneurs) that exploit our bodies (I'm just glad that isn't me...) to sell paper!!! Wanna see???

Do you wanna sell that stuff to men as well???



Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We all know the meaning of SWAP, right?

How often did you hear conversations like below...

"I've bought this gorgeous such and such, you should see it!"
"Me too, if there are some more, we can do a swap!!!"
"I'm in!"
"Me too!"
"Count me in as well"... And so on!

This can be done in several ways: through Snailmail or Party!!!
And ofcourse I wouldn't be me if I did not have pictures to show what a mess SWAP-parties could become...

Here you see them entering (storming in) the house of the organiser (above), anxious from waiting in line (below) to open up...

And this is what happens when you have limited seats... Of course everyone wants a seat at the window, so they even try to get in through them!!!

Now you know what a mess a simple swap-party can become... It probably will not be long before these parties become "Underground"...



Friday, September 21, 2007


Have you noticed that your wife spends more and more hours behind the computer screen lately? Has she started talking about digi-scrapping?

REMEMBER: to every con there is a pro: when she starts scrapping Digitally, she no longer has the need for a scraproom, to stuff all those scrapbook articles... She can now store them on the computer!!!

Does that mean she now needs a computer room???

I remember when I wanted to have the computer in the livingroom, she was the one that made me choose between her and the computer... She still has the pictures of me packing!!!

BubbaH! (packed for the weekend)... Or should she be packing for the DT-meeting (not in my house this time)???

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Self Help Program (SHeP)

We are getting bigger as a movement all the time... It always starts out with a few that need to push the rest to get their rear in motion! But we are getting THERE!

I recently stumbled upon Facebook... Which is a database for people to meet old friends, schoolmates and "LIKE-MINDED"; go check it out!!!

Go to, register and join the "Husbands with wives who scrapbook support team"... Check the evidence!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Marriage Epiphany

The epiphany (revelation) of marriage also means that there is no more I... She always tells people "WE are going to build... WE are buying... WE go...". Does that mean she is going to give me a hand during reconstruction on HER scraproom? NO! Does that mean I got to say something about buying a new couch? NO! It's just ROYAL PLURAL! (Ever hear a king/queen talk about "I"?)

Talkin' about that scraproom... I slowed down the process by doing 1 thing at a time...

Have a nice weekend!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scrap a piece of me...

You've all seen the tools they use... I even showed you what they can do to a pair of flipflops... But do you also know that they actually abuse the embellishments and stuff on themselves?

You want examples, you say? OK! I hope you got a strong stomach

How about Emily Falconbridge touching her hair while scrapping... with acid-free glue?

Or Vivian Bonder using the book ring to pimp her nose?

Maybe Celine Navarro sat too close (with her lower lip) to the piece she was working on when she decided to add brads?

And what 'bout eyelet (0r should we say EARlets) check out Silje Roe Hagland's ears...

And what about the rubons she used? Or her hair: let me count the ways to use Dabbers... Someone could have told her: Enough...

And ofcourse there is Wes Thomsen... He does not only use the rubons in an "unusual" way, he also has a rather strange way to use spikes...

But hey... Everyone their own kick... Hence the cartoon featuring me!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Game

Oh boy did we had fun yesterday... It's starts to look like a family-team: I Coach, my dad assists, she keeps the score, Michael & his nephew play...
We played a nice match against a not too competitive team... First inning we lost with 8-9 (although I'm not sure about the scoring); second inning we lost 11-12! Yes, that indeed made me a very proud coach! This was the first game ever for most of the kids... Check the pics at Pionier Peanuts Blog

Of course we have loads of pictures; she needs to scrap that first game in a layout... 2 pages... mini album... Way too much pictures: ALBUM!

Fixed the flood-issue (hopefully); found one of the drains from the shower cracked... replaced it and re-installed the shower... My dad helped me out; THANKS DAD!

So tonight I am going to take a nice long shower... NO I DO NOT STINK, I USE DEODORANT!


Saturday, September 8, 2007


I don't got her a pressie yet (did buy her flowers-will get some pressies later). At least now she got something to write about me on her blog!!!!

But OK, today is the party day, first the family and @ nite the friends! (Check yesterday for the reason) But first I'll need to fix the shower which is leaking down into the hallway... Luckely I didn't close the ceiling yet...


My first official peanut game!!! Sure... Michael played a game before, but never before was he playing a game in MY TEAM!!! I teach the Peanuts that having fun is more important than winning... Now think up something to give the kids after playing!!!

I'll tell you all about it next week!

Have a busy weekend!!!


Friday, September 7, 2007

Scrappy Birthday

As y'all know I'm married to Danielle... Who is celebrating her xxth birthday today! (never tell a lady's age)

Happy Birthday honey!

I took the day off to make this a special day and guess what she came up with...

A WORKSHOP! (she did ask me if I was OK with that...)

So that leaves me (and Colin) to go buy her gifts (Colin thought up that the gifts should be very GIRLY, since she is the only girl in da house)... Is that a day well spend or what?


Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Scrap Works...

I was asked a couple of months ago by My Scrapworks (a Manila-based e-zine) to do something to make women understand how their husband SUFFER their scrapbook reign...

It turned out to be an interview...

Yes, I'm proud to be in their e-zine, although I'm not the one to flourish in the spotlight... Just let me be and I'll be fine...

But now without further ado I give you: ME

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have... It's been a blast!


BTW: the link for Scrap-a-little-sunshine is here!!!