Saturday, June 30, 2007

Keep 'em happy

I bet y'all thought I was leaving you without an entry for the weekend... Just keeping you on your toes! Nah, I was very busy yesterday... Had to straighten some stuff out at the boys' school (yes both of them are now going to school!!!)... and work of course, which took a bit more effort then usual as it was month's ending! After that had a quick bite at home and left for "GUYS NIGHT".

Every other friday my friend Sven invites me and a couple of others to do MEN'S STUFF at his place... It is just about the same as cropping, but rather than discussing the latest in paper, we discuss the really important things in live: iPhone's, music, computers, latest DVD's, websites and so on...

So now you know why, here is something to keep your wife off your back (it makes you look like you are considerating her and her hobby, but the reversed side is ALL FOR YOU)...

Have a great weekend!


Friday, June 22, 2007

What Women Do For Scrapbooking

(Title free after "What People Do For Money - Divine Sounds")

Does your wife need to have this or that to create "the most beautiful piece ever"? Even though she already got something that does the exact same? But is already in her possession for more than a week? My wife always comes up with the most ridiculous reasons to buy something new: like selling some apparatus to buy the latest newest one...But this here women below hits rock bottom...

Have a nice weekend!!!

Oh BTW: this is to help you start your weekend off (REMEMBER 2 Vote for me):

BubbaH! Who has to work this weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


How was your Father's Day/Weekend? Anyone got spoiled? I know I did...

Both boys created masterpieces for Father's Day! M created a flower in a pot which contains liquorice and C painted a coathanger and the both of them got me a book on how to draw Manga (It looks like they want me to draw Pokémon...)!
She got me a bottle of Davidoff Game... I think I need to shower more often...
I did get coffee in bed! I did not got the time to finish it in bed... but it's the thought that counts!
We got to the swimming pool like really early (9.00 AM - on a Sunday - FATHER'S DAY!!!) to take a relaxing swim... after that we went home to pick up the pressies for my father (we call him Big Buddha): A buddha with a Lotus flower with a light in it and (I picked these up on Queen's Day free market) 3 sportphotoyearbooks (1970-1971-1973) as he collects yearbooks!

The boys always have a blast overthere, so they were all sweaty when we left... Hoping they would get a little sleep in the car on the way to the other grandparents... NOT!

They continued their hyped trip over at their other grandparents... Luckely for us there were more kids to keep them busy!!!

On the scrappingfront:

VOTE!!! (for me)
VOTE!!! (for me)
VOTE!!! (for me)


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Visitors are strange people... over 10,000 saw entries on my blog and no more than a handful dropped a comment (or not... but are still known)... I must admit that I am not that much of a writer myself on other blogs, but I do occasionally mention other people's blog or leave a comment (wheter you like it or not!). But before I stray... I was to reward visitor #10,000; that turned out to be...


so I am rewarding #9,999: Nik (please mail me your details)

Last week's RAK is still open (Or are you really afraid of becoming the subject of mockery only so few have reacted??? Nah, I would never do that... Or would I? Just look above...) so feel free to leave a comment or mail.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Just a quick note this time...

Did you notice my counter is about to hit 10,000 visitors? I never imagined when I started this to tease my wife with the outragious way of life that comes with Scrapbooking...

Since I already have a "RAK" on my blog, and she has more than enuff stuff, in that way too crowded scraproom, I will also give one away to visitor # 10,000... So keep your eye on the counter!!!


BTW: remember I told you my wife brought 2 women to the airport after the Scrap-a-lotta? And that they came jumping out of the car to get a picture of me... Well... here it is! From left to right: Marilyn, me & Claire... (Thanks Marilyn for the pic!)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Garden presentation

Well I guess you are wondering about those pictures of the garden, right? Ok, here is a compilation so far (1st picture is the "before" situation)... Still needs some extra work, but the major part is done!!!
The playhouse of the boys still need to be put in it's new spot, the slide has to be re-attached and since the build the boys are grown quite a bit... so we need new swings! And oh! A CLIMB WALL!!! And a new roof (the on there is still "out of the box")!!!

Back to the scrap-room: She needed the extra cubboard installed (NOW)... in a room stuffed to the roof!!! So I kinda ORDERED her to evacuate (at least part of) the room... After which I still didn't had that much space, but I started anyway... Couldn't see which part belonged where (this one ain't IKEA's), almost gave up (she was already off to IKEA to buy a new one... which was way too small!!!), but came out (like DiCaprio said):

King of the World!!!

Placed it back in the room (ALONE) and went off with the boys to play peanutball... Before I had to start on dinner.


Monday, June 4, 2007


How was your weekend? Mine was OK...

Saturday had to take one of the kids swimming; afterwards took both kids to watch the Peanuts play, although they were more interested in the Little League game...
And all that just 'cuz she needed to scrap!
In the afternoon all of us went to a park (Plaswijck) to meet up with Liek & her family. The kids had a blast. Later on delivered them at their Grandparents; so we could have dinner with Liek & HB...

As you know she was off to the Scrap-a-lotta so I had the whole Sunday to myself...
I got the chance to rummage through her scrap supplies!
Leave me a comment and I will have one of you get picked out of the High Hat!

Back on the day off subject, I had to steamclean the bathroom and THEN I had the whole Sunday to myself, which turned out to be a couple of hours well spend at my uncle Richard's birthday party! After that trailed back home 'cuz she needed the car to drop some women off at the airport. I was just on the phone when the car stopped and 2 very exited ladies came jumping out and wanted to take a picture (yeah with me...Ladies please send me a copy!!!).

For the evening I reserved tickets for Spider-man 3, which we both wanted to see (big screen). As I am a HUGH spider-man fan I was kinda disappointed that Spider-man turned out to be such a cry-baby (never saw that in the comics) and Venom already died after a couple of minutes!!!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Another Weekend Another Workshop Event


Once again it has come this far... Scrap-a-ganza... The whole weekend...

And guess what? No, I do not have to entertain the whole weekend! No, she arranged for the kids to be deployed to Grandma & Granddad... To relieve me from the pressure of taking care of them both! Well... I guess she did that just to make sure I did not have anything to write about...

Anyway! She already had some odd jobs for me to do, while she is off and I got my hands free as the kids are gone to sleep over!

You see, there is always something to write about