Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Marry Xmas & Happy New Year

Well by now y'all already know I am not the one for all that mushy mushy stuff, but she almost twisted my arm and I needed that arm to play on the Chrissie-press we bought for the kids (YEAH RIGHT!)...

So I made this post...



Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photos vs videos

Why would anyone want to have his/her weddingday (ALL OF IT!!) documented by a photographer, when you know you gotta scrap all those pictures into 1 album (maybe even 2 or 3) to show to all those people (that where there in the first place) to remind them what a wonderful day it was and all...

When in fact you can also hire a videographer (or convince one of your acquaintances) to shoot the entire day... And edit it back to a Full-Feature 1-hour movie???

And even cut it up some more to just the highlights!!!


Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another one...

I got so much nice responses on my joke the other day (NOT) that I could not let you go into the weekend without at least a smurk on your faces...

Me and a friend were having some brewskies, talking about marriage the other day and how to treat your wives: "Mine does whatever I tell her to" I told my friend "For example yesterday, I called out: Bring me hot water... NOW! And she brought it to me without objecting..."

"Man what a dictator can you be!" said my friend.

I told him: "You got to look at this differently: I hate to do the dishes with cold water!"

Sorry about the short post, but I gotta go iron some stuff...
Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


You all have/had them... Grandparents that have to have every picture of their grandchildren ever taken! And what do they do with them? There are those that keep them in shoeboxes, there are are those that put them in frames and show them off to (whatever is left of) their friends... And ofcourse you have those that SCRAP!!! That's the worst lot!!! I sometimes see them when they come over to do a workshop at my wife's... Man you never know I could move this fast!!!

But enuff of the complaining... here's a (customized) joke about old ladies that scrap!

An old lady went to the store to buy some "Granddaughter" paper for her Layout. Upon reaching the check-out, the clerk told her "I'm sorry ma'am, but the store manager heard that many old ladies make layouts for others, while they have no granddaughter themselves. We now have a policy - if you want to buy "Granddaughter" paper, you have to show us your granddaughter."

Annoyed, the lady went home, got her lovely granddaughter Maggie, and returned to the store, where they sold her the paper without question.

The next week, she returned to the store to buy "Grandson" paper. Again, she's reproached by the cashier: "I'm sorry ma'am, but the store manager heard that many old ladies make layouts for others, while they have no grandson themselves. We now have a policy - if you want "Grandson" paper, you have to show us your grandson."

Frustrated, the woman stormed home, retrieved her precious grandson Graham and returned to the store, where she was sold her "Grandson" paper without further incident.

The next week, the woman returned to the store and strode right up to the cashier with a box in her hand.

"Put your hand in this box," she told the puzzled clerk.

"What's in it?" the clerk asked.

"Just put your hand in here," the lady said.

"No, there's probably something in there that will bite me"

"Nothing will bite you, I promise."

Reluctantly, the clerk put her hand in the box, felt the contents, pulled them out to examine them and let out a scream. Smiling, the old lady asked "now, may I please buy some "toilet" paper?"